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Denver & Pacific Falls Railroad
Pictures of the D&PF over the years

Appleton Station in the early days.Lake Platipi with railroad running under the mountain.

The Denver & Pacific Falls Railroad is located “way out west” somewhere and somewhen. It’s all free-lanced, so I can run what I want when I want. When I want to run “real” railroad equipment, we just lease it (for $1year)!

The main RR contains about 125 feet of main line, a very long passing siding and a small outdoor yard at the south  end.  There’s also a spur going into the train shed, workshop and storage area of about forty feet, and another yard inside the shed to store yet more cars.

There is a second loop around Red Mountain and a spur that converts to a trolley line running about 40 feet in front of the back fence.

The railroad is track powered.  I use a Bridgewerks power supply and Aristo Train engineer (yes I’m old school) system for the main line.  I’ve also got an MTH Digital Control System to run my MTH “Daylight” train. Red Mountain loop and the trolley line are powered by a Model Rectifier Corp 6200.

Construction began in 2002 with the mainline loop.  Over the years, extensions have been added.  During that time, I’ve installed a water feature, lots of plants (some of which are still living), and a number of buildings.

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