General information

Thunder Valley Narrow Gauge Railway

The Thunder Valley Narrow Gauge Railway is 16 yrs. old. It has 350 ft. of aluminum Code 215 track and is modeled in F Scale: 1:20.3. The track is ballasted with “path fines”. The era is 1930’s in California gold country and represents a small narrow gauge railway serving two gold mines, a quarry, some logging and two small towns. It is basically point-to-point, connected by a loop for continuous running, but with visual blocks, no tunnels, to avoid the “running in circles” look. The railway is run with radio controlled locomotives powered either by live steam or on board batteries with sound. Operations are typically mixed trains with both freight cars and passenger combines. At one end of the railway is located a “steamup” area where live steam locomotives are prepared for running. We have valleys and hills with grades up to 8 percent. Plants are miniatures, dwarf and other bonsai to fit the scale of the railway and Zone 9 conditions. A small stream, dam/pond, and a working water powered mill are included.

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