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Stony Creek and Lassen

I started building my “Stony Creek & Lassen” railroad in Aug. of 2006. It was completed in, if ever completed, April, 2008. I wanted to create a railroad that might have operated between 1920-1950 in the foothills of Northern California. The small town of Stony Creek (fictional) is located near the center of the layout with mountains, forest and stream at one end and a more arid region at the other. It consists of 350 feet of track formed by two long ovals with a crossing from one to the other. A Koi pond adjacent to the railroad is part of the water feature for the layout. All structures were scratch built according to a Garden Texture’s plan or a plan I developed. The water tower was from a Kamloops Junction kit. Originally powered by track power I have converted all engines to battery power and use Airwire. To date I have not experienced any problems with the railroad layout or track. Most of the track is LGB brass rail with a few sections of Aristo-Craft brass rail. Before I laid track I dug a trench about 6 – 8 in. deep and 10 in. wide where the track was to be laid. I added the wiring and air lines for air powered switches, filled and compacted the trench with decomposed granite for a very stable base.

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