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The Pyramid Lake Express

Two layouts – 1 in the front yard and 1 in the side yard – follow the signs. Started as a simple loop around a pond, stream and waterfall we then had a car crash into the yard and rebuilt, with expansion, twice! We are still not done. (Is anyone, ever?) We represent fictional railroads in the 1930’s to 1950’s. The Pyramid Lake Express plus a point to point runs on about 150 ft. of track with bridges, tunnels and two water features. There is a small independent loop on a hill above the PLE main line that also goes through one side of a double tunnel and has a bridge. One about 30 ft of track in the front yard, we have the Elevated Light Freight (ELF) which specializes in small engines, cars and seasonal trains. Look for the changing scene at holidays! Buildings are an eclectic mix of commercial, scratch built and converted bird houses. Plantings, roads and “farmland” make interesting vignettes.

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