General information

Mistiwood Railroad

In March 2013 my neighbor John asked to see my layout. It had no pizazz. John had a few ideas. A few e-mail diagrams later we decided to redo my layout. I tore out all my track, buildings, etc. The next morning when John arrived the project began. After many loads of moss rock and fill it started to look like something. With a few adjustments and the addition of a loop we were pleased. I have never worked so hard moving rock, dirt, more rock, gravel, etc. The railroad now includes about 300+ ft. of track, 2 loops, tunnel, bridge, trestle and a double cross-over. A forest grows at one end and a homestead is at the other end. We run track and battery power and can run any size G scale train. It is still a work in progress. We have some animal issues. Moles have tunneled under the tracks and moss rock causing minor landslides. Turkeys like to walk around and leave droppings and knock over rolling stock. Leaves from the trees clog the tracks, small rocks jam the switches; same stuff we all experience.

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