General information

The Folsom Eastern Railroad Company

Main line is approx. 100 feet of code 332 Piko brass with Hillman clamps. One spur goes to Red Cat Timber Company and one to Spenser’s Gem Mines. Minimum radius is 4 feet. It is backwoods, narrow gauge set in mid 1955. With two tunnels, a pondless water feature, and several bridges. It uses track power and is mostly 1:24 scale equipment. Structures are a mix of scratch, kit, and pre-assembled. The first FE Line was MUCH larger, and moving to this neighborhood presented the challenge of building a railroad in a small yard without making the railroad look too cluttered. The railroad pays homage to our cats past and present. The example, Maggie’s Gas recalls our long-gone flatulent kitten and Tripod Photography is a remembrance of our little three legged Persian. Our Guiding Code: Railroading is supposed to be fun. Rivet counters will be promptly escorted from the property! Gardening Tip: When pulling weeds on the layout, if it comes out easily it was probably an expensive plant.

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