General information

Bulldog Junction

We would like to invite you to come enjoy ten years of our labor of love. It is a family effort between my wife and myself. My wife takes care of planting and maintaining the landscaping. I run and maintain the trains. Scratch buildings are done by both of us. You will see 1,000 feet of track divided between three themes – the 1950’s, 1890’s and a Bavarian. There are fifty scratch built buildings and some unique kits. There are portrayals of real places and fictional ones. You will also see a pond, thirty-five foot stream, hundreds of trees and plants all to scale and a mountain range with real rock features. We will have as many as seven trains running at one time. Some trains will be track powered and some battery powered, most with sound. You can walk all the way around our 40 ft X 60 ft. layout. It is on two levels with lots of seating available. Hope to see you.

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