General information

Badwater & Western Railroad

The Badwater & Western Railroad consists of 500 ft. of track. The upper level of the layout is in a raised area bounded by 27 inch stone and timber walls. The period modeled is early to mid 1900’s, western mountains with mining and logging. On the raised area the train passes through a tunnel and by a pond with a flume to transport water. The railyard is in a shed and is connected to the raised area by a 30 ft. trestle with bridges. The raised area has 780 ft. of track and returns to the main line on a 60 ft. trestle with bridges. All track in the upper areas consist of an inner and an outer loop. There is a ground level loop that passes through a short tunnel under the raised area. The rolling stock and locomotives are Bachmann, LGB and USA and it is all track powered using DCC. All of the structures are scratch built from redwood.

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