General information

The D&P Lines

The D & P Lines began construction in the summer of 2004 with 30 yards of dirt dumped into a 24 ft. by 60 ft. frame that would contain the railroad. Built on a gentle slope (1″ drop per foot), the walkway that surrounds the layout provides eye-level perspectives as well as bird’s eye views. Trains run on one continuous 550′ loop that doubles over itself four times, traveling through 9 tunnels and crossing 14 bridges. The route begins at Dublin City on “Level 1″ climbs to Pfozen (a German village) on “Level 3″, then descends to the starting point. Even though it is 10 years old, the D & P is NOT COMPLETE! We faced a major adjustment of tunnels when freight trains began hauling double-stacked shipping containers! More structures are still needed. We add new plants regularly, and always seem to need MORE ROCKS! In between runs, trains live in a special “train shed” adjacent to the layout, with fold-down bridges for entry and exit. Trains run on battery power with Airwire 900 controllers and all switches are pneumatic, controlled from the elevated Control Tower in the center of the layout. (Yes, you are invited to visit the Control Tower. Cameras welcome-good shots are easy!!)

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