General information

Coyote Pass Railroad

The Coyote Pass Railroad is 11 yrs. old and was built in a rugged, rocky area following the natural land contours. The railroad depicts a standard gauge mountain division line with narrow gauge characteristics. Motive power ranges from kit bashed steam relics to late steam and diesels of the 1950’s and 1960’s and a completely out of place GG1 for the gold mining and lumber settings. The railroad main line is comprised of 700 ft. of Llargas Creek code 250 rail, bent for broad curves. The ruling grade is 2%. There is also a 90 ft. short line with sharp curves and a 6% grade that services a lumber camp. A 5-track yard with 100 ft. of track is housed in a low car barn. A connected off shoot of the railroad is a large live steam track that can be used as a wye for main line operation. The railroad uses both battery and track power. Features include a 35 ft. elevated water flume powering a sawmill, trackside signals, sound and an extensive locomotive repair and maintenance facility and turntable. The over 100 buildings, bridges and trestles are mostly scratch built and include animated features for the coaling tower, lumber mill and steam donkeys. Most of the buildings light up for nighttime operation.

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